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A gateway to Europe

BEST courses are a unique opportunity for UPC students. BEST Barcelona builds a gateway to Europe for learning, travelling and meeting people from everywhere, in order to improve your English and have fun. Lodging, meals, transport… everything prepared by the course organisers. You won’t have to worry about anything!

Academic part

In a BEST course, participants are attending lessons given by teachers from the local universities or experts in the subject of the course. The topics cover different technology, economics, marketing and organisation fields. After completing the course, participants will be examined to check the results of the course and assess their learning level. But don’t worry about the exam! The lessons are mandatory and the participants will be asked about what has been explained during the course, so it won’t be difficult to get your certificate to get ECTS credits at your home university.

The difference

Until here, the academic part. Not bad, right? but… What else will you find in a BEST course? What makes BEST different is that the local groups who organise the courses (like BEST Barcelona) are not restricted to an academic part. In a BEST course, you will have everything planned, 24h per day. There is some “free time” but most of the time you will be busy doing activities with the rest of participants and organisers: guided tours in the city, games, excursions, nightlife… An example is the traditional “International Evening”, in which all the participants offer some typical products of their countries to everybody.

Who can participate?

BEST is a network of 96 local groups spread over a total of 33 European countries. Each local group belongs to a different university and provides access to their students for BEST courses. This is the case of UPC where, through BEST Barcelona, students apply for these courses, in which at least 22 students from the 96 universities where BEST is present are attending. These are engineering students, like you, with one common thing: live a unique experience, different from the university routine. The rate between boys and girls is balanced and the number of course responsibles depends on the place. There is something assured, wherever you go, you are going to make really good friends.

Where are the courses held?

As we have explained, BEST courses are done in the 96 universities where a local group exists. You can see all the BEST local groups here.

In most of the courses the participants are accommodated in the university dormitories. In other occasions they sleep in a hostel. But in any case you don’t have to worry about the accommodation, and if you are leaving some days after or arriving some days before, you will most probably stay in an organiser’s house. You will do lots of campus life (lessons are taken there) and you will also visit the city, industries, companies, laboratories…. on some occasions a plane has been taken to go away during the weekend as a group! The 96 local groups organise a course per year. You can check the current list of courses here.

When are the courses held?

There are four seasons to apply for BEST courses: autumn, winter, spring and summer. The length of the course can change but they usually last between a week and two. To be informed about the application periods and the courses list, you only have to follow us on Instagram (@bestupc).

How much does it cost?

That’s the best part! You probably think that BEST courses are splendid but they should cost a fortune. Accommodation, meals, lessons and transport costs a lot of money! And you are right, it is a lot of money, but you don’t have to pay anything. You read well! The maximum amount of money they can ask you to pay is 45€, a symbolic quantity in comparison to the full price. That’s because BEST works as an interchange: a local group organises a course for foreign students and thanks to that, the local students can apply to courses in other countries.

Don’t try to look for a special reason. There isn’t anything fishy going on! We are not deceiving you! The secret is in the way you ask for a course.