What can be obtained by participating?

It is the opportunity to leave the classrooms and test your wit. Each activity offers learning challenges and tests that are unique. Through these tests you will work on your personal abilities and discover your strengths and weaknesses, and at the same time you will apply and improve your technical knowledge.

Furthermore, it is necessary to highlight the direct contact with professionals from big companies and the experience of getting to know how these work, as well as the opportunity of directly proving your capacities.  

In what language are the activities?

All activities are in Spanish or Catalan, while the training are entirely in English.

How long do the activities last?

The webinars and trainings last around 2-3h.

When will you do the engineering competition?

In this context, it is difficult to specify when it would take place, as we need to have the rooms that depend on the UPC. We are constantly checking the updates of university and government rules, and studying what the possible dates would be for doing so.

Can I participate if I am a first year student?

Yes, the WEC is a week dedicated to all the UPC students, and therefore we also want you to be part of it.

Can I participate in the WEC, even if I am not a UPC student, if I have finished my studies or if I am from another university?

The activities are open to any student.

Can I apply for more than one activity and be selected for more than one?

Yes, actually you can apply for everything that you want.

Are activity places limited?

Yes, there is a limit of 25 places for each activity.

Is it compulsory to upload the curriculum in order to register?

Yes, every year we work towards making WEC possible for more students, but places are limited, and for this reason the participants the activities will be selected based on their curriculum.

If you do not have a curriculum, in the registration form you will find several links with information and templates so that you can create your curriculum.

Will I get ECTS credits for participating?

If you participate in the WEC you will receive a certified diploma and you will get ECTS credits, proportional to the number of activities that you participated in. The hours can be accumulated in different editions and different activities, so 30 accumulated hours will be one ECTS credit.

If I have to skip class or a laboratory practice, can I obtain a proof of participation?

Yes, for every class that you have missed due to your participation in WEC, BEST will provide for a proof of participation so that you will not have any problem.