“During the degree you have to do a lot of assignments that take a lot of time. In EBEC you are within a team developing a real case, with collegues from other engineering specialities, in which you can apply your knowledge to a practical case.”

David Peiró Oliva


“Everis Workshop was a great opportunity to know first hand how a company works, what knid of sectors they work in and what kind of employees they are looking for. Moreover it gives you direct contact with employees from the company which is really useful if looking for internships”

Maria Romagosa Font


“Schaeffler Engineering Challenge was for me an unique opportunity to know the present and the future of a technological sector from one of the leading companies. Moreover, I could put into practice my teamworking habilities working with a team I just met and overcoming a given challenge.

A totally recommendable experience, I would totally do it again.”

Carlos Martínez Boto


“The Workshop I attended at WEC was an unique experience of connecting with a sector that I didn’t know about.

I had the opportunity to work in an environment where teamwork and out of the box thinking where the key. I was personally very satisified and interested in the company.”

Jordi Foix Esteve