New Management

On the 19th of May our Local General Assembly took place, which we refer to by its acronym LGA.

The first assembly of 2018 was held, amongst other things, in order to propose, accept and vote our board for the next academic year, which will be composed by Arnau Canyadell as president, Bernat Felip as treasurer, Íñigo Moreno as secretary, and Virgínia Mendizábal and Àngel Agustí as vicepresidents. The people responsible for leading the working groups in which we organise were also chosen. Alba Baroja was chosen as public relations responsible, Irene Gómez as human resources responsible, Jordi Foix as IT responsible and Héctor Díaz as coorporate relations responsible.

The 1×1
Hèctor: Three years of experience inside BEST and has proven more than once that he is capable of selling our best version.
Irene: The most senior of the list and since the beginning worrying to improve our internal relations, Irene will be the godmother that spoils us.
Alba: Artist and architect, Alba takes over public relations with a clear control of image edition. You’ll see us everywhere!
Jordi: With inspiration and enthusiasm Jordi has to keep on taking us to the XXI century. He will end up fuming!
Àngel: All the external side of BEST will be his responsibility. Luckily he has already taken care of the last WEC, you will already know what it is!
Virgínia: She will be the lubricant of the big gearbox that we are in BEST. She was the human resources responsible and follows the logical ascent.
Íñigo: The prodigal son comes home. After an Erasmus, Íñigo comes back with more enthusiasm than ever and facing new challenges.
Bernat: Don’t offer him a position, because he will take it. Bernat will now manage BEST’s money and this might take him more work than he thinks. We hope that he is able to relax.
Arnau: He hasn’t even landed from his last year in Texas and he already wants more. Arriving to be the president and he is already unstoppable!

This year we’re taking over the UPC #AquestAnySí