Catalan Regional Advisor

Did you know that there’s a local BEST group in Reykjavík? And another one in Ankara? All around Europe, BEST is present in 97 cities. With so many points in the map, it’s necessary to have some sort of linkage that gathers the ideas of every local group, shares them and develops them. For this reason, this 97 cities are under the umbrella of BEST International.

As in every organisation or country, the boards or governments can’t be aware of everything that happens on a small scale, they can’t know the situation of every city so as to improve it and propose solutions to its problems. That’s where the 11 BEST regions and the Regional Advisors come into play. With a Regional Advisor being responsible of 9 or 10 local groups, it’s way easier to know what each group is missing (a good designer, motivated members…) and how they can take advantage of their strengths (good relations with companies, members with IT knowledge…).

But don’t think that regions are made with a ruler. The main objective of regions is to share. How many times have you asked other uni groups that were doing the same project as you how they had done this thing or that other thing? And how they have saved your life when they have told you? In BEST, regions are meant precisely for that: in order to get ideas from other groups that are really good at something and implement them in your group. You don’t need to go further, a lot of the answers to your problems are inside the region. With this intention, every year two Regional Meetings are held.

If you have reached this point, you will be wondering: why are you telling me about this? Because one week ago one of our members, Berta, was chosen as Regional Advisor of Region 10 and we’re very happy about it. A year of getting to know lots of people, developing our region, fostering the implication of local groups on international level and contributing towards making BEST a bit better awaits her. Congratulations Berta!