This Friday, the 19th of May, the Local General Assembly of BEST Barcelona will be held. It’s a meeting in which all the members of the association are invited to give their opinion about local and internal BEST topics . It’s the highest body of representation and in this meeting the new board for the next year is chosen (consisting of the President, the Treasurer, the Secretary, the Vice President for External Relations and the Vice President for Internal Support), as well as the working group coordinators (Human Resources, Corporate Relations, IT, Public Relations and Grants).

Apart from voting the new board, other things are done, such as voting the annual budgets and proposing internal changes to improve the working structure. It is also the opportunity for the youngest people in the association to be able to change their status and have, in this way, greater decision-making power, and for the more veteran members, the opportunity to say goodbye to the people with which they have been working and sharing good moments all of these years.