Have you ever felt how 600 eyes suddenly start staring at you just before you start talking? This is what the two delegates that represented BEST Barcelona in Sofia felt. Why? To give voice to their ideas in the biggest event of the year in which the future of the organisation is decided.

During 6 days the biggest event in BEST was held, which gathers in a hotel more than 250 members in order to discuss the future of the organisation. More than 40 proposals that will affect our future were presented and voted, and the next board was chosen, the 7 people that will lead the organisation during the next year. It consists of a Romanian, a Spaniard, a Hungarian, an Italian, an Estonian, a Portuguese and a Serbian.

Apart from contributing with their part, the experience of being surrounded by people from all over Europe which you share objectives with and accompany you in these days of effort, but also fun, causes that once more you feel at home no matter where in Europe you are. Sharing experiences and finding innovating ideas gives you a boost of motivation that then reaches each local group when returning.

Every year, the members of BEST have the oportunity to meet twice in these assemblies, one in November and the other one in May. These assemblies are of vital importance to ensure that the BEST motor keeps on working. Do you want to know even more? Reach us!