EBEC Challenge Spain

The XI National Round of the European BEST Engineering Competition was held in Madrid a little less than a month ago. The biggest university-level European engineering competition was held from the 20th to the 23rd of April in the Mines and Energy University, in Madrid. In this year’s edition UPC Barcelona, Madrid UPM, Madrid Carlos III and the University of Valladolid participated in it, in which the winners of the Local Rounds of these universities took part in two well-distinguished modalities.

Every university provided 8 students of different degrees divided into two teams, one of them taking part in the Case Study modality and the other one in the Team Design. There were two Case Studies, one about renewable energies and the other one about zero-consumption houses, the objective was to develop and give an engineering solution to the problems that were posed.

The Team Design was more focused on the construction of a prototype during the weekend. Within some specifications, the teams had to build a vending machine and classify a series of objects according to criteria that they found relevant. During the weekend, the participants not only had the chance to develop their projects but also to visit the city of Madrid and go out all together.

Finally, on Monday 23rd the Closing Ceremony was held in the Rectorate of the Polytechnic University, where this year’s edition was closed and the winners of each modality were announced. In the Case Study modality, the team from the Carlos III University won, while in the Team Design modality it was the Barcelona UPC team.