Regional Meeting Barcelona 2017: More than 100 European students together in Catalunya

With the aim of promoting multiculturalism and developing European students,  BEST Barcelona will organize at the beginning of April a Regional Meeting to share experiences, broaden their knowledge and learn to work in a culturally diverse environment.

BEST organizes several Regional Meetings during the year where students from different European universities of the same region get together to share opinions, contributions and conclusions about the current situation of the association.

The main purpose of this event is to prepare the delegates of each Local BEST Group who will attend the General Meetings, where they will discuss at international level the future of the association, direct its trajectory and determine strategies that will lead to achieve its goals.

It’s a great opportunity to innovate and grow as an organization, ensuring that all members identify and understand its vision, mission and values. Thus, some sessions are held to get to know what BEST is and which tasks are carried out, in order to involve participants at an international level.

These meetings also include several training activities, lectures and discussion groups organized by the departments of BEST International, which consist on topics related to soft skills (such as leadership, communication, time management, conflict solving…), hard skills (for example, contact methods for public and corporate relations, basic knowledge of information technology, writing grants…) and the improvement of European education system (generating ideas and solutions to be presented at international conferences on Education).

This event also promotes overcoming the limits of the comfort zone among the participants, practicing English, meeting new people from all over Europe and living new experiences.

Every six months, a Regional Meeting is organised in a different European city for each of the 11 regions in which BEST is distributed. This year, BEST Barcelona will organise Region 10’s meeting, formed by the cities of Almada, Barcelona, Brussels, Grenoble, Lyon, Madrid, Messina, Turin and Zurich. More than 100 students will take part in the first meeting of the year 2017, including delegates from Region 10, trainers and members of other regions who aim to learn and take ideas to implement either personally or within the association.