Meetings on Fridays

In this first newsletter we think it’s important to present you one of the intricacies of the LBG and of how we organise, we’re talking about the meetings that we hold every Friday. All the members are invited to this meeting, but also new people and former members (alumnis) where everyone can take part (following some funny rules that we call finger rules to avoid interrumpting each other). We discuss the projects that are going on either internally, nationally or internationally. The meeting is moderated by the members of the board and take notes (minutes) just in case a member can’t come to the meeting and wants to know what is happening. The meetings are always held in Zona Universitària and we usually meet at the School of Mathematics and Statistics (FME), located behind the ETSEIB. With this you’re formally invited to any LBG meeting on Fridays at 19h, so that you discover what’s going on in the LBG and, of course, any plan that might come up post-meeting!