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The Week of Engineering Competition 2018 will take place from 24th to 30th November. For more information please check ithe event website or feel free to contact us by senting a email to

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If you are applying to EBEC, please give us your ID number (DNI with letter or passport). We need it in order to grant you access to the building during the weekend.

The European BEST Engineering Competition (EBEC) will take place during the weekend 24th and 25th of November in EEBE from 9:00 to 19:00).
In which modality do you want to compete?
Case Study
Team Design
Team Design or Case Study (my priority is the Case Study)
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Other WEC activities
Check the activities to which you want to apply. You can also find the schedule here.
(Mon 15:00-17:30) Everis Workshop
(Mon 17:30-19:30) European Institute of Industrial Leadership Workshop
(Tue 09:00-11:30) Danone Workshop
(Tue 12:00-14:30) Workshop Schneider Electric
(Tue 15:00-17:30) Accenture Workshop
(Wed 12:00-14:30) Thought Works Workshop
(Wed 15:00-17:30) K2 University Salesforce Workshop
(Wed 17:30-19:30) AECS Training
(Thu 09:00-18:00) Schaeffler Engineering Challenge
(Thu 18:00-20:00) BEST Training

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A2 (KET)
B1 (PET)
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If you do not have an official certificate or got the certificate a long time ago and think that your English has improved, you can fill this form with the level of English you believe to have.
A1 level (Minimum base)
A2 level (Basic)
B1 level (Capable of dealing in almost every situation)
B2 level (Fluent conversation)
C1 level (Effective and flexible use of the language)
C2 level (High level)

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Architecture, urbanism and Building construction
Applied Sciences
Health Sciences and Technology
Design and Multimedia Technology
Aerospace Engineering
Civil Engineering
Biosystems and Agri-Food Engineering
Informatics Engineering
Naval, Marine and Nautical Engineering
Telecommunications Engineering
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The Environment, Sustainability and Natural Resources

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The CV is required in order to take part in the WEC. However, if you can't upload it now you can send it later to

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