The course

Formula HP: Computer Vision on Wheels! is an international engineering course organised by BEST-UPC open to 24 students from all around Europe. This year, we are also accepting local participants from any UPC faculty. The course will last 8 days (schedule below), of which the first three will be dedicated to get everybody to know each other, and learn about the culture of Barcelona while having lots of fun!


What is this course about?

In this course you’ll have the opportunity to learn about computer vision and project management techniques used by HP, to then put everything into practice in order to solve a real problem about driverless racing. The Formula Student organization e-Tech Racing is asking you for help in order to convert their racing car into a true driverless car, are you up to the challenge?


What will I do during the course?

You will meet people with very different cultures, improve your English, learn how to work in a project with your team in a professional environment. The main objective will be to solve a problem given by the Formula Student organization e-Tech Racing. At the end of the course, you will have a final evaluation. Outside the academic hours, you will have many social activities with the other participants, and will learn everything there is to learn about the culture of Barcelona.


What is the price of the course and what does it include?

The price for the whole course is 0€! Yes, you've heard that right, the course is completely free! We're more than glad to offer you this opportunity in collaboration with HP, UPC and e-Tech Racing, so you only need to bring your top game and energy for the course! Apart from that, you will have to pay for a deposit of 50€ if you are selected and confirm your attendance to the course. This deposit will be given back entirely to you after finishing the course.

Important: if you do not attend the course after paying the deposit or you don’t finish the course without a justified reason, you will lose the deposit.


What do I need to apply?

  • Programming knowledge (Preferably in Python language)
  • Good level of English.

Procedure to apply


You will need to write a motivational letter (no longer than one page), answer 3 questions and tell us what programming knowledge you have. We recommend you to be original and interesting while writing the motivational letter. Remember it will be read and evaluated by students just like you. Apart from that, we recommend you to answer the 2 serious questions smartly and originally. Don’t just google it!


Selection criteria

It will be based on interest and motivation shown for the topic, detailed answers to 3 questions and overall creativity in the motivational letter.


Deadline to apply for participants: Thursday 1st July

Core Team

24 Students from all Europe
30 Working hours
8 Days
100% Satisfaction