The course

Barcelona 3D Printing HPerience is an international engineering course organised by BEST-UPC open to 24 students from all around Europe and Canada. This year, we are also accepting local participants from any UPC faculty. The course will last 11 days (schedule below), 5 of which will be dedicated to the academic part, 3 to a weekend trip in Olot, one will be a social day in Barcelona and the remaining ones will be the arrival and the departure day.

What is this course about?

It is a hands-on course to solve a real challenge from the industry using additive manufacturing technologies! You will be able to work hand by hand with HP’s industry experts and learn how to design and develop for 3D printing production while using cutting edge techniques to manage teams, projects and processes to deliver fast robust solutions to the market. Not only that, but you will also be able to practice how to guide teams into the unknown through the process of experimentation, understanding user needs, generating innovative solutions & reducing the risks of launching new ideas through Minimum Viable Products.

What will I do during the course?

You will meet people with very different cultures, improve your English, learn how to work in a project with your team in a professional environment. The main objective will be to solve a problem given by the company that will end up being 3D printed. At the end of the course, you will have a final evaluation. Outside the academic hours, you will have many social activities with the other participants, in the hostel and in Barcelona.

What is the price of the course and what does it include?

The price for the whole course is 55€ (students from Spain only pay 80% of the fee) and it includes all the expenses for the whole course: accommodation in the hostel, 3 meals per day (minimum one being hot), transportation, weekend trip and activities. Apart from that, you will have to pay for a deposit of 50€ if you are selected and confirm your attendance to the course. This deposit will be given back entirely to you after finishing the course. Important: if you do not attend the course after paying the deposit or you don’t finish the course without a justified reason, you will lose the deposit.

What do I need to apply?

  • To be a student of any UPC faculty.
  • Good level of English.
  • Knowledge on 3D modeling using any kind of software (such as Solidworks).

Procedure to apply:

  • Local student: apply as UPC student.
  • International student (university with presence of BEST): apply here

You will need to write a motivational letter (no longer than one page), answer 3 questions and tell us what 3D knowledge you have. Please, if you are from UPC, write down all this information in a document and then copy it in the google form you will find in the link below. We recommend you to be original and interesting while writing the motivational letter. Remember it will be read and evaluated by students just like you. Apart from that, we recommend you to answer the 2 serious questions smartly and originally. Don’t just google it!

Selection criteria:

It will be based on interest and motivation shown for the topic, detailed answers to 3 questions and overall creativity in the motivational letter.

Deadline to apply for local participants: Friday 24th May

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