Over half of the world population is now online. More data has been generated in the past two years than in the entire previous history of the human race. In the age of the fourth industrial revolution, the vast amount of data produced daily opens the doors to brand new technologies to exploit it. Do you want to be one of the people with the key to these doors? Data science doesn’t only consist on millions of numbers but also includes how to use them in order to improve already existing technologies and make them smarter. From data and personal security, trading, medical diagnosis to our everyday online search, mass data processing and machine learning prove to be a major step forward for humanity. Are you passionate about data science, statistics, machine learning or all of the above? Join us and learn about it and more!! All of this while wandering around Barcelona’s magical streets and beaches, being illuminated by the bright Mediterranean sun and refreshing yourself with our traditional sangria. Bring your smile, open your mind and get ready for the experience of your lives! BEST Barcelona is ready for you. Are you ready for us?

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22 Students from all Europe
27 Working hours
10 Days
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